Monday, December 21, 2015

Escape from Alcatraz :)

My surgeon gave me the head's-up to lift my head up--I no longer need to maintain the face-down position.  Today was the first day since my Dec. 10 vitrectomy surgery that I left our building without my husband as my "guide dog."  It was certainly strange walking around the local business district with only one eye working normally.  And I had to walk more slowly than usual, as my balance has not yet readjusted to my return to the fully-upright position.  It will still be at least another two months before I'm allowed to sleep on my back, though, which means that, with me sleeping on my side, my pain in the neck has shifted to my hips.  And it'll be roughly another month before the surgeon can determine whether the surgery was completely successful.  Wish me luck.


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